Product Name: Soyabean Meal

Soyabean Meal is granular, coarse and flowing. Produced from non GMO and cleaned Soya bean, we manufacture it using various physical processes and multistage extractions. We use several heat treatments , due to which all its anti-nutritional factors are destroyed.

In comparison with De hulled Soyabean Mean, this meal is very low in protein. The level of crude protein in our Soyabean meal is somewhere around 48 percent.

The value of energy is quite high in comparison with other sources of protein. It definitely meets the specifications of end-users for fibre and protein. Owing to the high protein fraction, it becomes a good feed for livestock.

Owing to low fiber and high energy and protein, nutritionists suggest our Soyabean meal for high-energy diets. Owing to brilliant combination of nutrition characteristics and competitive price, it is favourable for Poultry. Yes, majority of Poultry rations and Swine depend on cereal grain and Soyabean meal.

Specifications of Indian Soyabean Meal :

Parameters Specifications

Moisture               : 12% Max.
Protein            :       46% Min.
Oil Content        :      1.25% Max.
Sand & Silica       :       2.5% Max.
Fibre                :      6% Max.
Urease Activity-At  30oC 0.3mg/g Max.

Specifications of Indian De-hulled Soyabean Meal (Hi-pro):

Parameters Specifications

Moisture  :      12% Max.
Protein          :       48% Min.
Oil Content  :       1.25% Max.
Sand & Silica : 1% Max.
Fibre               : 4% Max.
Urease Activity-At 30oC 0.25mg/g Max.