Product Name: Pusa Steam Rice

Basmati is long grain aromatic rice grown for many centuries in the specific geographical area, at the Himalayan foot hills of Indian sub-continent, blessed with characteristics extra- long slender grains that elongate at least twice of their original size with a characteristics soft and fluffy texture upon cooking, delicious taste, superior aroma and distinct flavor, Basmati rice is unique among other aromatic long grain rice varieties.

Pusa Basmati Rice –

Category – Golden sella, White Sella, Steam Rice 

Quality: 100% pure Sortex clean Basmati Rice (premium quality),
Length of Rice: 7.2 - 7.6 mm before cooking,
Broken: 2% maximum (2/3 basis),
Damage & discolored: Nil,
Paddy Grain: Nill,
Foreign matter: Nill,
Taste: Naturally Sweet,
Moisture: 14% maximum,
Aroma: Contains mark degree of aroma in raw and cooked stage.
Extra-long grains, double polish, aromatic, free from dust and stones.

Packaging- 1kg, 2kgs, 5kgs, 10kgs, 20kgs, 25kgs, 40kgs, 45 kgs, 50kgs Non woven bag / Jute bags / BOPP bag / Poly bag 25 & 50 Kgs – PP bags